ARGOS is an open and collaborative platform for creating Data Management Plans according to funders or institutions’ open science policy requirements. ARGOS technology provides solutions and workflows that connect the DMP to the actual data where they are stored and link to other useful information such as publications and funding information, thus enabling the association between research outputs and processes and leading to the creation of coherent/ complete research entities. ARGOS is comprised of two major features: the ARGOS template and the Dataset Description.
ARGOS is inclusive to all researchers and research coordinators who may use the tool to create machine actionable DMPs. Funding and Research Performing Organizations as well as research communities may use the tool and create Dataset Description templates according to their preferences or requirements. ARGOS may be used for purposes other than research projects, such as on the occasion of trainings that familiarise scientists with the data management planning process.

ARGOS is comprised of two main functionalities: DMP templates and Dataset Descriptions. Additional entities are Projects that link to funders and grants information.
ARGOS can be used for:

A. viewing/ consulting publicly released DMPs and Dataset Descriptions or Projects corresponding to DMPs

The tool offers options for publishing DMPs in two modes, private or public. To view public DMPs and Dataset Descriptions, there is no need for login to the platform.

B. writing and publishing a DMP

The tool helps researchers comply with mandates that may be attached to their grant proposal/ project funding. They can therefore choose from the most suitable to their needs template from the Dataset Descriptions collection and proceed with answering the corresponding questions. Once finalized, researchers can assign a DOI to their DMP, publish and eventually cite it.

C. practicing in writing DMPs and Dataset Descriptions

Given that Data Management Planning reflects the data management lifecycle and in accordance/ response to the increasing demand of the global scientific/ research community for training in Research Data Management (RDM), ARGOS may be used for educational purposes. Examples may refer to embedding DMP and DMP tools in specific curricula or even utilization of the tool for researchers and students familiarization with the concept and process, as part of library instructions’ sessions.

There are two ways of creating a DMP: the “Wizard” and the “Expert”. The DMP Wizard combines the most necessary fields of the DMP template and the Data Description template. It is an easy way of starting a DMP and completing a Dataset Description. The downside when using the Wizard is that it only supports one Dataset Description. To add more datasets documentation, someone must open the DMP from DMP Expert. DMP expert contains extra fields for describing the project, grant, funding, contributors and associations between DMP authors, etc. DMP Expert is advised for use when further modification and personalization is to take place.